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Event Planning 101: Tips for Effective Event Planning

One of the questions that women’s ministry leaders ask a lot is, “How do we plan an event?” Event planning, while seemingly easy, must be done well in order to be effective and impactful. So, let’s begin at the end because that is the best place to start.

1. Set your end goal – What is the purpose of the event? What are you seeking to accomplish? Are you hosting an event just to host an event or do you want to see change among the women in your church? Write down the primary goal for your event; this will serve as your guide and target for the event.

2. Pray about your theme and the passage of Scripture for your event – What is the theme of your event? Your theme should be based on a principle of Scripture, and God’s Word should serve as the foundation for your event.

3. Set the date for your event – When will you host this event? Follow the respective policies at your church for getting the date on the church calendar so you know the date is secure and then you can begin advertising the date.

4. Set the budget for your event – What will be the budget for your event? All aspects of the event need to be included in the budget – speaker fees and travel; food; advertising; any printed materials; decorations; give aways; any other honorariums; and all other aspects of the event need to be included in the budget. Once you have determined your budget, deduct whatever monies you have to start. Then your remaining number is divided by the number of women you anticipate attending. The number you end with is how much you will need to charge for tickets to cover your expenses. For example, let’s say you have calculated all of your expenses and your total is $2500. The church has given you $1000 to put towards the event and you anticipate 75 women attending. Therefore, $2500-$1000=$1500 and $1500 divided by 75 is $20 per person. So, your tickets are $20 per lady in attendance.

5. Pray about and invite a speaker (or speakers) for your event – After spending time in prayer, contact a potential speaker. Before contacting your speaker, do your homework. You should investigate her beliefs and, if at all possible, listen to a couple of her teaching sessions or other times where she has spoken. Ultimately, you are responsible for whatever a speaker communicates. When you contact the speaker you should give her the date of the event, the theme and guiding passage of Scripture, the audience for the event and a deadline for when she needs to let you know of her availability. Allow her time to pray through joining you all. Also, outline your goals for her. Your speaker will be much more impactful if you help her understand your big picture, the theme and Scripture passages the Lord has given you and your planning team.

6. Publicize through any and all means – Begin to spread the word among the ladies of your church. This can be done via announcements in Sunday School, worship services and Bible studies. Additionally, have a postcard printed to share information. Give the ladies all the information that they will need to make an informed decision about whether or not they should attend.

7. Work on details as the event gets closer – Will you have a program for the attendees to follow? What about decorations? Do you plan to serve food and who will handle the preparation of the food? Have you recruited volunteers to serve behind the scenes? When will you decorate? Have you made further contact with your main speaker to answer any of her questions?

8. Have your event – On the day of the event, host the event for the women of your church. An important aspect of event planning is event evaluation. At the conclusion of your event, you will want to have the women complete an evaluation of the event. The items on this evaluation will range from questions related to the logistics of the event, such as food, ease of registration, and décor to the much more important such as, what the women learned and what they will do with the information that they learned. It is the answers to the latter that will help you determine whether or not you met the goals for the event.

Throughout the entire time of planning there are two things that need to be taking place continuously: prayer and working with others. From the very onset of the event planning process you need to constantly seek the face of the Father. The reason why? This really isn’t your event – it’s His, so you need to be in frequent communication with the Lord about His plans for the event. The second thing you need to do is work with a team. There is no way that one person can handle all of the aspects of event planning. The reason why? Because God hasn’t equipped you to do so. The Lord has made and fashioned you with gifts and talents, but not all of them. You need to utilize the gifts and talents of your sisters in Christ so that the Body of Christ is working together to serve and glorify the Lord.

What event are you planning? Let us know in the comments below or email us at! We want to hear from you!

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