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Deception May 9, 2016
Faith May 2, 2016
With Endurance May 1, 2016
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Lessons on Leadership: From Nehemiah

Whenever I have heard the Book of Nehemiah preached or taught, it has always been presented as a book on leadership. No doubt Nehemiah was a leader. He spearheaded the effort to re-build the demolished wall of Jerusalem and it gates that had been burned…
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From One Generation to the Next

When I visit churches the question that I am asked most frequently is, “How do we get the older generation and younger generation to connect?” This is a question I have not only been asked in North Carolina, but also in other states, as well…
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The Body of Christ in Moldova

As I write this first post, I am two days removed from returning from a ten-day mission trip to Moldova with our BSCNC staff. My head is still spinning – spinning from jet-lag and spinning with the details of getting to see God at work…
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